For Honor and For Glory! The Grand Tourney is a module and rules expansion to allow for Medieval and Early Renaissance knightly tournaments using the For Honor and For Glory! table top roleplaying game system. Take part in the feasting and pageantry, compete as a knight in the Grand Melee, Melee, Joust, Archery, and Wrestling competitions, scheme and plot against your political rivals, engage in courtly love, and win the day! The Grand Tourney allows for customization of your Story experience in terms of setting and period, but also features an out-of-the-box playable example with non-Player characters, Chronicler guidance, and a bevy of knight characters from 1425 England based upon real historical figures complete with backstories and roleplay tips. 


The Grand Tourney can be incorporated in your Story or can be used as a stand-alone Story. The For Honor and For Glory! Player's Guide is required for the base rules and equipment, the Chronicler's Guide provides optional rules and additional information which may factor into your tournament Story (such as late period equipment and poisons).  

For Honor and For Glory! The Grand Tourney (print edition)

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  • 80 page perfectbind softback.