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A valiant Crusader

For Honor and For Glory! is an action adventure medieval fantasy role-playing game designed for one to four players and a Chronicler. The game requires only polyhedral (20-sided) dice, the sourcebooks, character sheets, and paper to play. The game was designed for all levels of player experience, from long-time role-players, to people who have never played a game of this sort before. A player needs only creativity and imagination for a character to thrive.

For Honor and For Glory! is generically set in a High Middle Ages setting mimicking culture, material culture, art, history, and folklore from roughly the 7th century through the 15th century A.D. For Honor and For Glory! is a game of courtly intrigues, Viking raids, cut-throat nobles maneuvering against one another, holy wars called by the theocracy, and much, much more. It is intended to be primarily a high-drama game, driven by the creativity and ingenuity of the players.

During this period in history, there are several technologies that we, in the modern day, take for granted in our popular understanding of the period. For these reasons, For Honor and For Glory! seeks to capture the technological essence of combat and warfare during the period with this perspective in mind: every tool has its use, and every task has a tool.

Every weapon technology was created to improve on its predecessor or to counter a specific advance in armoring. For Honor and For Glory! is designed for a style of medieval roleplay in which shields are shattered, helms are dented, and spears are splintered. Different weapons, which are each a distinct technology, serve different functions to counter particular combat situations. A mace excels at damaging both the opponent and the armor of that opponent, whereas light blades like daggers will not prove effective against heavily-armored foes. Specific types of shields also have specific uses, and are often used as much for attack as defense. These facets, combined with the Action Point and Providence Point systems, make combats feel more deadly, dramatic, and engaging for players.  

In terms of game mechanics, For Honor and For Glory! uses a free-form magic system in which a caster is limited in effect only by the imagination of the player and the limits of the character’s mind, body, Skills, and magical Power. Magic can achieve great works and cause widespread destruction, but each time a caster channels magical energies beyond their ability, they face the possibility of losing some of their connection to the mystic forces they draw upon. Therefore, the most powerful magic-users have learned to be larger than their legend, instead of the other way around, and do not take openly magical roles in war, politics, or religion. Better that they keep their powers a secret, lest their service be demanded by nobility and kings.

The Three Spinners

The Grand Tourney

For Honor and For Glory! The Grand Tourney is a module and rules expansion to allow for Medieval and Early Renaissance knightly tournaments using the For Honor and For Glory! table top roleplaying game system. Take part in the feasting and pageantry, compete as a knight in the Grand Melee, Melee, Joust, Archery, and Wrestling competitions, scheme and plot against your political rivals, engage in courtly love, and win the day! The Grand Tourney allows for customization of your Story experience in terms of setting and period, but also has a out-of-the-box playable example with non-Player characters, Chronicler guidance, and a bevy of knight characters from 1425 England based upon real historical figures complete with backstories and roleplay tips. 

The Grand Tourney can be incorporated in your Story or can be used as a stand-alone Story. The For Honor and For Glory! Player's Guide is required for the base rules and equipment, the Chronicler's Guide provides optional rules and additional information which may factor into your tournament Story (such as late period equipment and poisons).  

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